Practices of STS around the World: A Summary Report

How is STS practised at universities around the world? And what are the opportunities for collaboration? Koichi Mikami, a recent Oxford STS graduate and now Assistant Professor at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan (Sokendai), has just sent an excellent summary report of a workshop he had organised last August in Tokyo. The workshop was titled “Practices of Science and Technology Studies: Reflexive Takes on Cross-Context Collaboration” and brought together STS scholars from Singapore, the U.S., the United Kingdom and Japan. In the introduction, Koichi writes:

STS scholars, both young and established, were invited to share their current activities in the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS), and to explore emerging opportunities for collaboration. The workshop was divided into 2 days, and aimed to identify key issues in STS teaching as well as to look into some potential directions of ‘cross-context’ research.

Besides presentations from our Oxford colleagues Javier Lezaun, Tarek Cheniti and Malte Ziewitz, the report features contributions by Trevor Pinch, Mike Lynch, Ling-Fei Lin, Tyson Vaughan, Honghong Tinn (Cornell), Catelijne Coopmans (NUS Singapore), Samuel Evans (Harvard), Sharon Traweek (UCLA), Joseph Dumit (UC Davis), Kenji Ito, Kaori Iida, Parthenia Giannakopoulou (Sokendai) and Miwao Matsumoto (University of Tokyo). You can download the report here.

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