Thank You: Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation

by Timothy Webmoor

“This conference should have been three days.” Comment overhead (by Anne Beaulieu) at a lunch.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the recent Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation conference over the weekend at the Saïd Business School.  Numbers are by no means the only measure of success. As a run down of the event, however, there were:

  • over 130 participants from North America, Australia, Europe and the UK
  • 50 paper presenters
  • 10 artists/scholars with installations and posters
  • 15 session chairs
  • 3 keynoters
  • 2 summarising disscussants

We also had a lively presence in ‘Twitterscape’ at #oxvisual. Some tweets we received:

Early photographer Stieglitz: ”In one’s way of seeing lies one’s way of action” – art challenging scientific ’objectivity’ at #oxvisual

Been looking forward to Mike Lynch’s talk all week – the geek in me is already satisfied at the pic on the title page of his ppt. #oxvisual

We will shortly be updating the conference website with links to the video of the keynotes. We welcome comments at this blog, tweeted at #oxvisual or sent to the organisers at And please do send photos or links to photos.

Finally, thanks again to the organising team, our sponsors and to the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society for hosting the event.

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