New Seminar Series: Property and Ownership in the Contemporary Life Sciences

by Esther Vicente

The InSIS BioProperty research group invites you to its forthcoming seminar series on property rights in the biosciences. The series explores the changing landscape of intellectual property rights in biomedical research. Should human embryonic stem cells be patentable? Can we use ‘Open Source’ models to advance research in synthetic biology? Do property rights hinder the ability of research groups to collaborate? How can we ensure equitable access to biomedical products and services? The speakers include experts from the field of law, public policy and the social sciences.

‘Legal and ethical perspectives on property rights in human biological material’
Nils Hoppe, CELLS, Leibniz Universität Hannover
24 January
64 BanburyRoad

‘Building a patent systemin the public interest? Making democracy, the economy, and morality in the United States and Europe’
Shobita Parthasarathy, Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan
31 January
64 Banbury Road

‘Ownership in the contemporary life sciences’
Justine Pila, Faculty of Law, University ofOxford
07 February
64 Banbury Road

‘Why we do not own our bodies’
Anne Phillips, Gender Institute and Government Department, London School of Economics
14 February
64 Banbury Road

‘Between use and exchange in bioeconomy’
Nik Brown, Department of Sociology, University of York
21 February
64 Banbury Road

‘Ownership and sharing in synthetic biology: a ‘diverse ecology’ of the open and the proprietary?’
Jane Calvert, ESRC Innogen Centre,
University of Edinburgh
28 February
64 Banbury Road

Feel free to download the poster. All welcome!

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